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I Have a Type

Life has gotten busier lately. All of us are in the throws of summer, two of us recently started new jobs, and one of us is currently exhausted from a few weeks of family celebrations. With all that we are short and sweet this week, but lucky you! You do get one review from each of us.

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Reading Round Up

Glittering Court by Richelle Mead51zt8bci8al


I had preconceived ideas of this book due to the title and the cover, however the direction the story line went caught me by surprise. It ended up being predominantly set in the western frontier and I did not expect that. I’m not usually one to read books about that particular setting. I liked the book, and it was well written. But for me personally having the cover and title pull me right in, then the direction of the plot not maintaining that anticipation did tinge my overall enjoyment of the book.

***1/2 Moderate Romance, Moderate Language, Moderate Violence, Low Religion




Coming home to Bellingham by Katie Stewart Stone52837874._sy475_


Robert was quite possibly my favorite character in this book and I love the friendship the author created between Anabelle and Robert. The love between Anabelle and Peter was beautifully developed as well; even still Anabelle and Robert’s interactions were my favorite. There were some other relationships in the book however that just left me perplexed. They seemed to only be there to move the plot forward with little depth and a lot of confusing interactions. I didn’t connect with Anabelle as much as I would have liked, however I did really appreciate her character growth at the end of the book. This book wasn’t exactly the historically accurate awesomeness I’m used to associating with this publisher, but it is a debut novel, so I’m hoping for only good things to come from this author.

*** Low Romance, Low Language, Low Violence, Low Religion


Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire51viu9djjyl


My sis recently read the newest Cassandra Clare release (possible review coming, but fyi it’s not exactly clean). I’d never read Cassandra’s books so Mel recommend I start with Clockwork Angel. I really enjoyed it and would definitely want to read the others in this series. I loved that though I could gage mostly where she was going with the overall story, there were parts here and there that surprised me. Mel advises that this series is definitely much cleaner that some of her later series’, so just a heads up on that.

****Low Romance, Moderate Language, Moderate Violence


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