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Nothing Like a Fairy Tale

The world continues to turn upside down. Just when I think things can’t get any more crazy, they do. I saw a meme recently saying something like… “2020 has high jinked my fairy tale life.”

I chuckled for a minute, then thought to myself…what kind of fairy tales have you been reading? Honestly 2020 sounds exactly like a fairy tale to me. Most fairy tales are wrought with danger, suspense and pandemics from page one until the second to last page. Here’s hoping 2020 gives us a Happily Ever After sooner rather than later. In the meantime we’ll continue to get our happily ever afters vicariously through books.

Weekly Reading Round Up

A Curse so Dark and Lonely/ A Heart so Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer

I loved everything about this book, including the emotion evoked in the title. The author wrote the book from two perspectives and I loved how well she voiced each character. The character development was really well done and the author stayed true to the story all the way to the fantastic end. I loved it so much I immediately read the second in the series. Subsequently I found the only frustrating thing about this series, I have to wait an entire year for more!

**** Moderate Romance, Moderate Violence, Moderate Language, Low Religion (though a bit more than low on all these, only just. I was never uncomfortable with anything and I personally would feel comfortable recommending it to my young adult nieces.)

A Proper Charade by Esther Hatch

This was such a cute story. I initially had a hard time believing he would be quite so familiar with a servant. But, the romance was really cute and written so well that I easily suspended my disbelief where that was concerned. The witty conversations and fun story line just made me smile all the way through.

**** Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Language, Low Religion.

Persuading the Captain by Rachel John

Rachel John does such a good job with her Jane Austen re-tellings. She gives them her own contemporary twist while still staying true to the iconic story you love. Persuasion is one my favs and this was a light and fun version with just the right amount of tension and growth.

**** Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Language, Low Religion.

The Secret Princess by Melanie Cellier

The Goose Girl is one of my all time favorite fairy tales! I loved the way this story not only set up the Return to the Four Kingdom series, but brought back characters we loved from the original. Melanie did a beautiful job with the story. Even knowing the fairy tale, there were bits of it she made her own that caught me by surprise. Her writing always pulls me right into her world of fantastic characters where I am content to stay and reluctant to leave.

***** Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Language, Low Religion.

Reforming Lord Neil by Sally Britton

I love reading redemption stories. Sally did a fantastic job of depicting Lord Neil realistically. He was a lazy lord who would need a nap half way through the day. I loved that she didn’t romanticize him right from the beginning. She did a really good job of showing his growth and the romance was sweet and genuine. I must confess as much as I loved the character growth and their connection, I had a harder time connecting to the overall plot in this one. But having watched Lord Neil’s secondary character from the start of the series I loved seeing him get his own story.

*** Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Language, Low Religion.

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