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A Little Bit of Romance

My husband took me on a quick date this afternoon. We needed to a run an errand and we used it as an excuse to also grab a treat and go for a walk while our kids were at my sisters. I made the comment that I think the last time we were out of the house, together, without our children, was pre-pandemic. It was so nice! As much as I love to read about fictional romances, everyone needs some real life romance every once and a while… even during a pandemic.

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Weekly Reading Round Up

What a Spinster Wants by Rebecca Connolly51R-AenKs5L


We seriously love Rebecca’s book so much! Two of us read this book this week and it may have been one of our top favorite, and that’s saying something because they’re all so good. I had actually been anticipating a romance with Henshaw from moments in the other Spinster Books, so that surprised me a little, in a good way. I love being surprised. The romance she created instead was just right for the Lady Edith we have had glimpses of and came to love in this book. Wonderfully vulnerable characters who are given opportunities to become strong backed by a compelling plot made it hard to put the book down!

***** Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Religion


The Nerd and the Quarter Back/ The Good Girl and The Bad Boy (Jackson High Series) by IMG_2839M.L. Collins

This was the first book I (Mel) have read from this author and unfortunately I cringed through most of it. However, I thought I’d give the second one a try and it was…better. A cute young adult book centered around breaking out of cliques. It was a clean High School romance and I appreciated that, but I don’t think I’ll read any more of the series.

*** Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Religion


How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door by Meg Easton 51t31eCEFEL

This was a really cute romance. I felt like both Addison and Ian were given a history and back stories that deepened the story line. There were a few inconsistencies which pulled me out of the story, but overall It was sweet and clean, which we love.

**** Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence, Low Religion




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