Five Stars, Jennifer Moore, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence

Feminism for the Ages



I love books that show that women can be feminine and strong. Strong women don’t all fit the same mold. By page 7 of Jennifer Moore‘s latest release Solving Sophronia I was already fascinated with all the future members of The Blue Orchid Society.


This series wont be books all about reporters, or all about nurses, each subsequent book with take it’s own unique direction and I can’t wait to get to know each of these strong female characters individually.

The tension between Sophie and Jonathan was very well written right from the beginning of the book. However I loved that it wasn’t the cliche cop versus reporter tension. Jonathan’s character definitely had the cop pride gruffness, but he also understood Sophie’s worth and quickly saw her as an asset not an inconvenience. Luckily that didn’t lesson the wonderful tension between the two, it made it more real and unique.

The book was full of delightfully written scenes, witty banter, fun character idiosyncrasies, and a gripping mystery. I could literally gush about how much I enjoyed this book.

I was interested through out the book on how the author was going to reconcile Sophie and Jonathan’s class difference. I felt a little underwhelmed with the two paragraph resolution at the end of the book. I’d be interested to know a few more details about how they merge their lives. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get glimpses of that in the subsequent Blue Orchid Society books, which by the way I’m already anxiously anticipating.

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