Four Stars, Jen Geigle Johnson, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence

Freedom In Hiding

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We had spring break at our house last week, I’m not gonna lie…it was a little rough. There were sweet moments and bonding moments and moments I wished I could hide from my kids. Ok, lets be honest there were moments when I did attempt to hide from my kids. I found out my kids are really, really good at hide and seek.

There have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to hide from the last few weeks. Hide from the virus, hide from the earthquake, hide away the Easter candy before I eat it all. I wasn’t successful at that either. I’m gonna need to buy more, but I don’t want to, I’d rather hide from the craziness at the grocery stores too.

Reading has always been my favorite escape, my favorite thing to hide away with. Jen Geigle Johnson‘s newest release, His Lady in Hiding is the perfect thing to shut the world away. Romantic comedy escapism at it’s finest.

“Lady Elizabeth Davenport is desperate. Her hand in marriage has been offered to the highest bidder, a distressing proposition in and of itself but made all the more repulsive when she meets her father’s first choice for her hand: Lord Pinweather. When her parents refuse to hear her pleas, Liz is forced to take drastic measures—she will impersonate her maid and begin anew in America on her own terms.

Once on board the ship to America, another passenger, Lord Barton, almost immediately discovers her true status as a noble. After listening to Liz’s highly modified version of her life and her plans to begin again, Barton has compassion on her and teaches her how to abandon her noble mannerisms. Upon disembarking, however, Barton’s generous spirit quickly dampens when he discovers Liz has indeed found work—as his own head housekeeper. Suddenly, the tender feelings they hid from each other on the ship are inescapable, but their difference in station makes romance impossible. As misunderstandings abound and a shocking character from Liz’s past looms, she knows she can’t hide her true identity forever. But as her deception begins to unravel, will her charade cost her the man she loves?”

This book opens with the greatest hook, it will pull you in right away and make you giggle at her descriptions of Lord Pinweather and Liz’s reaction to him.

Liz is such a fun character to read. She’s the kind of character that makes you cringe just a little at her naievety when you first meet her. You start to shake your head at her fumblings, until you find yourself cheering on her successes. Liz’s character growth is what makes this book hard to put down.

The book has a fun pace, every time I felt like it slow just a little, Jen would add a new twist. She does a great job of juxtaposing characters and settings so you get a greater understanding of the characters as a whole. Miss Vincent, Miss Burchill and Lady Sariah were all really good examples of that.

I felt like Lady Sariah was a bit of an unnecessary obstacle at first, but I love the insight she gave to Barton’s background and the attitude of the ton on different levels.

Having the story take place in both London and America gave that same view, pulling out both Barton and Liz’s need for freedom in a subtle way.

The need to not hide, but to be free seemed to resonate with my soul this week. I’d read this book as a beta, but that message stuck out to me this time, where it hadn’t before. A mark of a good book is being able to connect to it again and again.

**** Low Violence, Low Language, Low Romance, Low Religion

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