Four Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence, Sally Britton

Winter Wonderland

This week we had a snow day in our area! If my memory is correct this hasn’t happened in my area for over 20 years! I loved it, we watched the snow come down all day. We played in it, spent time together, and of course, did some reading.

Sally Britton’s “The Captain and Miss Winter” was the perfect book to read on that rather snowy day.


The end of the Napoleonic wars comes as a relief to Caspar Graysmark, but before he can settle into the comfortable life of an English lord he has a duty to the people of France. A treasure lies hidden in the heart of the forest, stolen gold that would save the lives of many who lost everything during the war. In his quest, Caspar stumbles across a hidden cottage in the woods, and a different sort of treasure altogether.

Scarlett, living with her sister and grandmother, belongs nowhere. Her father’s mistakes led to their exile from England and their banishment into the forest. The cold winter months have taken their toll on Scarlett’s spirits and her grandmother’s health. The Englishman who arrives at Scarlett’s door, looking more like a bear than a captain of the British army, reminds her of all she lost to the war.

With winter drawing to a close, Caspar must find the missing gold, but his quest to right the wrongs of war has changed. Can Scarlett let him rescue her, too?

The Captain and Miss Winter is based on the story of Snow White and Rose Red, as recorded by the Brothers Grimm. It is a sweet/clean romance novella, and is Book 2 in a series of Regency retellings. The stories can be read in any order

Sally Britton wrote a sweet and engaging story. She combined the difficulty of a Novella, keeping depth of characters and not rushing the romance, with a unique Fairy tale re-telling. Putting the setting in the regency era just after the Napoleonic Wars, but in France, showcased her her talent writing this era. All those skills just highlighted the entertaining story she weaves.

There was one plot point that was mentioned briefly in the middle of the book that I kept thinking was going to have a purpose later on, but it never did. That left me feeling a little unresolved at the end, but other than that, I really enjoyed this re-telling of a lesser known fairy tale.

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