Five Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Moderate Violence

Dream Come True

My baby girl was in her dance studio’s production of the nutcracker last week. And I’m not gonna lie, I think I teared up a time or two.

I loved being in the nutcracker as a young girl and have many fond memories of dress rehearsals and cast parties. (Just in case you’re wondering, those things are not as fun as a mom.) However, the performances were priceless and I would sit through fifty more dress rehearsals to see my little snow sprite dance her heart out on stage.

Suffice it to say the nutcracker is a very dear story to me and I kind of hold it to a high standard. “Barbie and The Nutcracker”, is NOT The Nutcracker. That’s why I haven’t seen “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” yet. I’m saying all of this so you understand, this is high praise when I tell you; Brittany Fichter‘s retelling, Clara’s Soldier, was absolutely fantastic.

5195zAatLPL“A bride-to-be without answers.
A soldier who never came home.
A nutcracker that might hold one last Christmas wish…

World War II has been over for three months, but Clara can’t join in the Christmas festivities with her friends and family. The fiance she sent off to Europe three years ago never returned. But just as she’s about to give up hope, her godfather might just have one last miracle up his sleeve.

And it all begins with a nutcracker.”

It was a uniquely beautiful way to tell the Nutcracker story.

Brittany Fichter created emotionally driven characters, with strong backgrounds. The shifting setting pulled in the magic and the rats felt like a real threat.

She pulled me into the her world from page one and wonderfully wove the heartbreak of war with the thrilling nature of the nutcracker story.

This was a new version of an old favorite that I will reread and love over and over again.

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