Four Stars, Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence

Roller Coaster

It’s fall break at our house so I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of refereeing and conflict resolution. It makes me want to hide in my room and ignore all the cries for mommy. Oh, wait, is that me? Then we have moments where we’re all outside enjoying the good weather and swinging and laughing and I love having them home. That’s the nature of any relationship though isn’t it. Cassie Shiels‘ Novella Love by Consequence is a good example of the roller coaster that our emotions can go on when the heart is involved.

Love by Consequence (A Bridal Shop Romance Novella Book 1) by [Shiels, Cassie M.]

Joan is one step closer to her dream coming true. With her rent-to-own deal in place, all she needs is a little more money and she’ll be on her way to restoring her dream building and opening her own alteration shop. If it weren’t for handsome Ethan Hayes’s attempts to spoil her plans she’d be happy but he has trouble taking no for an answer.

Ethan Hayes would like nothing more than to buy a set of crumbling buildings in a prime location. With both buildings out of the way, he’d have room to build his new fancy gym. Unfortunately, a feisty and frustratingly beautiful woman, who won’t budge is in his way. It would be easier to back away but that isn’t something he’s willing to do. If she weren’t so stubborn, he just might fall for her.

I loved the conflict that set the stage for this book. Cassie Shiels presented two people on either side of a conflict, yet neither of them were villains and neither of them were heroes. It made for not just entertaining reading, but realistic outcomes. The two were a perfect foil for each other and Cassie wrote some great communication connections. The ending was sweet and a good reminder that love is worth fighting for and worth sacrificing for.

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