Five Stars, Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence

Prepare to meet Mr. Angry Eyes

I love Children’s Books about as much as I love my own books. I love seeing the wonder on my children’s faces as they become immersed in a new story. My dear friend Steve Dalton just recently published a Children’s Book entitled Angry Eyes: A Monster Training Guide.


“Do you want to learn how to be a monster? If so, then “Angry Eyes” is just the book for you! Through 26 bright color pages, Gary, a five-year-old monster, teaches children of all ages how to become scary just like him. Learn how to use angry eyes, develop a great growl, and jump out to scare all your friends!”

My kids love it! It’s interactive and puts a smile on their face every single time. The rhyming cadence of the writing pulls the kids in connecting them to Gary’s fun personality immediately.

Steve also did the illustrations which are done with impressive detail. The different emotions he gave to Gary make the monster appealing and engaging for the kids. It’s definitely a new favorite in our ever growing library.

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