Five Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence, Sally Britton

Feel Deeply

Don’t you feel like sometimes emotions get a bad rap? If you’re too happy, you’re crazy. If you’re too sad, you’re depressed. If you too angry you’re…o.k. I totally get that one too angry can be a bit dangerous. The truth is, we all feel things and deep down we all want to feel. Good books are the ones that make you feel, the best books use a range of emotions, and use them well. In The Earl and His Lady, released today, Sally Britton masterfully guided us through a well of emotions from grief, to anger, to peace and love.


“Lady Virginia Macon, the recently widowed Baroness of Heatherton, has an impossible decision to make. Her late husband’s unscrupulous brother demands guardianship of her sons. The courts are on his side, unless she marries someone willing to stand in her late husband’s place. Locking her heart away and devoting herself to her children is the only way Virginia can countenance such a decision.

Wearied by the world, Lucas Calvert, Earl of Annesbury, is tired of being alone. His wife’s passing six years previous left his life gray and empty. His only recourse has been to make life better for those around him, using his considerable wealth and influence. When he learns of Virginia’s plight, he knows he can save her and her sons.

During one of the rainiest summers in England’s history, Virginia and her children bring light and color back into Lucas’s life. But will Virginia’s determination to protect her heart destroy their possibility of finding happiness together?”

Giving Virginia and Lucas a mutual ache added a sweetness to their second chance love story. The way Sally Britton chose to make Lucas’ loss distance and Virginia’s recent showcased her writing ability to use a range of emotions tying you to the characters. It also added a level of hope to the novel making it that much more endearing.

The story was not only a beautiful roller coaster of emotions, but it was also a sweet commentary on dealing with those feelings. What are the rules of grief, can grief and peace co-exists, and remember to dream are just a few of the delicate truths she expertly handles.

Along with these truths Sally Britton ties into her compelling plot, a narrative on the highs and lows of parenting and a tender tapestry of the blending of families. The interactions between Virginia and Lucas, the good and the bad, were delightful and spot on. The moments she created between both Virginia and Lucas, and the boys, as a mother, were especially poignant.

Sally Britton’s latest novel is an engaging second chance love story that gives you all the feels.

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