Five Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence, Tamara Leigh

Tarry Just a Little

In a world where there is so much negativity and unkindness, I love escaping into a book where the main characters are kind and at least trying to be good people. I feel I can always count on one of Tamara Leigh‘s books to do just that, remind me that there are good morally strong people in the world. Her characters definitely aren’t perfect, but I love how hard they try to do the right thing.

Sir Elias De Morville is no ordinary man of the sword, possessing both the heart of a warrior and a troubadour. When he sets out to rescue a boy who may be his son, more than ever he must prove worthy of the Wulfrith dagger that ranks him among the greatest of knights. And more difficult it becomes when not only must he protect the enigmatic woman who aids him, but guard against attraction to one forbidden him—she whose deceit could bring his family to its knees.

Honore of no surname is of the world only insofar as she ventures into it to pluck unwanted children from dark places. When a foundling is stolen from the abbey, her greatest hope of recovering him is a knight to whom she dare not reveal her face nor the identity of the rebel priest whose flight from King Henry they aid. Finding herself cast in the role of Sir Elias’s wife, she struggles against a heart that longs to be his in truth. And prays what seems a necessary deception does not lay ruin to him.

Usually when I read a book, I’m rushing through it to find out what happens next all the way to the end. Tamara’s books “make me want to tarry just a little”. I of course want to discover the ending, but at the same time I get sad knowing when it’s over I have to wait months for the next book from Tamara to come out. Patience has never been one of my virtues.

The Raveling, has a couple twist and turns which I really enjoyed. They keep you guessing, but don’t leave you hanging for too long, which I appreciate. She slipped in a something that has not been mentioned in her other Age of Faith books. I don’t want to spoil it and give it away, but it has me so excited. Wondering, so much wondering. I feel like I need to have a sit down with Tamara and have her tell me more about this new development, because like I said, I’m not a patient person. The mark of a good writer, she leaves you aching for more. –M.V.



3 thoughts on “Tarry Just a Little”

    1. Shish, I agree the book is extremely romantic, swoon worthy even! If you’ll check out our sidebar that explains our ratings hopefully that will clarify that our ratings have to do with how clean the romance is not how much romance there is. A low romance rating means that there is “Mild kissing, nothing explicit. Kissing focuses on emotion not physical descriptions.” I hope that helps!


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