3 1/2 Stars, Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence, Sarah M. Eden, Timeless Romance Anthologies

Something Old, Something New

I have to confess the first time I saw the cover for the newest Timeless Western Collection, Calico Ball, I had no idea what one was.

Now that I’ve learned something new about something old, I keep thinking, why don’t we do stuff like this anymore? It sounds charitable and delightful, and something I would definitely attend.Calico Ball (Timeless Western Collection Book 1) by [Kelly, Carla, Eden, Sarah M., Holt, Kristin]

This collection contains three short stories set in The West and each about a Calico Ball.

“The Keeper of the Western Door” by Carla Kelly has a slow but budding tender relationship. The be true to your roots message was sweet. However I felt like the conversations were a little stilted.

“A Convenient Arrangement” by Sarah Eden like most of her writing is an emotionally driven story. It’s one of the reasons people connect to her stories and her characters. Her descriptions of the characters and their reactions to each other made an already delightful tale, adorable.

“Isabella’s Calico Groom” by Kristin Holt was probably my favorite of the three stories. It took me a few pages to place the other characters in the book as stories I’d already read. The characters from Sophia’s Leap Year Courtship a Timeless Romance Single and “Wanted: Midwife Bride” from the Mail Order Bride Collection appear briefly in this story. Kristin Holt combined a story of independence and being who you are with a heart warming romance. I particularly appreciated that she created in Isabella a woman not afraid to speak up and communicate through misunderstandings, it was refreshing.

Overall I really enjoyed this Collection, I love learning about new things and felt pulled right into the excitement of the Calico Ball. The next time someone wants ideas for a fundraiser, a Calico Ball will be on the top of my list…but then I might actually have to learn how to sew…


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