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Endings…I both love, and hate them

Confession, I have a love/hate relationship with endings. There are times I stay up much too late, just so I can get to the end of the book. Then again, that’s the end, there’s no more. Dealing with no more when you’ve been immersed in the loveliness of a story can be a little jarring. Book hang-over, it’s real my friends.

It is due to this love/hate thing I have with endings that I was both eager for Nichole Van‘s A Madness Most Discreet, and a little apprehensive. I was well aware that this was going to be the end of the Brother Maledetti’s stories and wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to cope with an ending. The thought of getting into Tennyson’s head however, was too tempting to not devour the idea, the first chance I got.

A Madness Most Discreet (Brothers Maledetti Book 4) by [Van, Nichole]

They call him the Prophet, the man who can foretell the future. A modern-day oracle. And Olivia Hawking desperately needs his help. She tracks him down in Italy, begging for his assistance. She has a life-or-death problem that only a bonafide psychic can solve. But Tennyson is slowly fracturing from within, the weight of the D’Angelo curse destroying him. 

Olivia and Tennyson join forces, each searching for answers. But their understanding of the D’Angelo curse keeps changing, and Time is not on their side. Even as they fall in love, Tennyson and Olivia realize they are in a race against the clock. Will they find answers in time to save themselves? 

The characters that Nichole creates in all her novels, are written with such unique personalities, their voices coming through clearly as she shifts from one perspective to the next. Not only is each character’s voice individual, Nichole creates beautiful pairs, two halves of the same whole. It’s a intriguing balance to watch unfold with each of her novels, Tennyson and Olivia were no exception. Two messes, two broken yet singular characters who compliment each others weaknesses and bring life to an already compelling story.

Tennyson’s dark madness and Olivia’s light fumblings made for not just a great relationship, but great reading. The pairing of the darkness of their situation with the lightness of their “three stooges bungling” scenes was fabulous writing.

Nichole’s stories are awash with emotion. Tennyson’s mental stability and Olivia’s insecurities were not just story elements, but part of the whole and Nichole draws you in with those emotions. Emotions you feel all the way to the end. A wonderful ending that came with a few surprises, and all the tender scenes a lover of endings could want. Nichole’s Epligoue wraps up each of the brothers, leaving me feeling happily contented that I got to enjoy such a well written journey. –N.C.

PS- If you are having a hard time with the official ending of this series, don’t worry, you could always read the adorable beginning.

Lovers and Madmen (Brothers Maledetti Book 0) by [Van, Nichole]

“Florence, Italy. Summer, 1982.

Judith Campbell prides herself on her level head. She’s a scientist with a ten-year plan, a well-managed bank account, and a clear understanding of what she wants out of life. Currently, that means a summer of fun touring Europe with her friends. She intends to see some amazing scenery, flirt with a cute guy or two, and return home ready to settle down for good. Falling madly in love with an Italian playboy is definitely not on her life goals to-do list. But then her eyes meet those of Cesare D’Angelo across a crowded piazza.

Cesare is everything Judith never knew she wanted. Handsome and charismatic, he challenges her assumptions and forces her to rethink her logical approach to everything. Case in point–Judith finds herself falling for him, hard and fast. Definitely not her most carefully thought-out decision. But Cesare keeps devastating secrets that will challenge Judith’s very understanding of reality. And soon Judith finds herself facing the most difficult decision of all–

Would you still chose to love someone even if your time together would be brief? Would you accept a relationship, knowing that only heartbreak and grief awaited you in the end?”



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