Four Stars, Heather B. Moore, Low Language, Low Violence, Moderate Romance

It’s a Quiet Village

Heather B. Moore has a new series, about the small town of Pine Valley. Worth The Risk is the first novel in the series.

“When Alicia moves back to Pine Valley to help her mom through a serious addiction, the last person she wants to see is her teenage crush, Jeff Finch, who destroyed their friendship in one single disastrous night. Alicia is determined to not let anything about Jeff affect her, especially since she hasn’t seen him in ten years. All she knows is that he’s living a successful and charmed life, and she is more than happy to keep anything between them in the past. But when he shows up with a date at the restaurant where she works, Alicia realizes she’s still not over her feelings, and Jeff is definitely looking at her in a way he never has before.” 

Where I Belong (Pine Valley Book 2) by [Moore, Heather B.]

The second book, Where I belong,  was just released yesterday.

“Jane Morris makes a living cleaning the houses of the wealthy residents of Pine Valley, and she tries hard not to judge their extravagant lifestyles. But when one of her clients goes through a devastating breakup with his fiancé, Jane finds herself in the middle of his emotional mess. She wants to help him, but Cameron Vance is a man she could easily lose her heart to. Yet, Jane agrees to be his date to the charity event of the year, organized by Cameron’s mother. But the magical night shows Jane that if she’s a Cinderella, then Cameron is definitely a candidate for Prince Charming.”

Both these stories are quick, sweet romances. Although they’re a quick read, they have all that a sweet romance should. The characters are flawed, but relatable. The romances’ are built on more than just chemistry, but a mutual connection of the heart. The romance in  “Where I Belong” seems a little fast, but the way Heather writes it you have no doubt the couple have found love. And they have just the right amount of struggle and reconciliation.

I appreciated that Heather gave her character’s dimension in dealing not just with their significant other, but with their extended family as well. Writers are able to show the  reader the true nature of a character when they interact with their family or those they love who are struggling either physically or emotionally and Heather handles both beautifully.

The setting of Pine Valley was created with such affection and detail that you can’t help but want to be apart of it. I’m excited to hear more stories about the people in this quaint little town.

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