Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence, Three Stars

For the love of History

I love reading historical fiction. I remember I first became fascinated with History in my 8th grade French class. My teacher was the best story teller. Sadly I never had any amazing History teachers after that, but my love for history stayed. I recently read Ranee S Clarks Novel, Beneath the Belmont Sky.

As WWII draws to a close, war widow Vera Larsen Trumbell knows all too well the sacrifices of those left on the home front. Working on her family’s farm has sustained Vera and her young children, but she now yearns for a sense of normalcy. The end of the war has been bittersweet for the Larsen clan, as they and the members of their small Wyoming town continue to pick up the pieces of their former lives. Navigating the complexities of a postwar world, Vera and her family face the changing ideals swirling around them. Even Vera’s own life is set spinning when, despite her better judgment, she feels a growing attraction for the brooding and mysterious local schoolteacher.”

I really enjoyed getting to know the Larsen Clan. The writing was done well. Ranee did a great job of showcasing the emotions in their sorrow and sacrifice, while balancing it with the hope of learning to rise about the challenges they faced. Creating the ability to draw you into the story.

I was so invested in the story I feel she just skimmed the surface. The book jumps back and forth between different characters including members of the family and friends. The characters were so compelling, she could have taken us on an adventure with each giving each their own individual story, as it was it felt rushed. I did enjoy how she ended the book in Momma Larsen’s perspective; wrapping up the conclusion of the whole family. –M.V.


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