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Sometimes I’m in the mood for a short and sweet read. Which is why I love the Timeless Anthologies. The newest one, A Night in Grosvenor Square, was the prefect short and sweet read.

A Night in Grosvenor Square (Timeless Regency Collection Book 9) by [Eden, Sarah M., Lyon, Annette, Moore, Heather B.]
“Matchmaker Adelaide Northrop may be embarking on her greatest challenge yet. Miss Odette Armistead has been dubbed “Princess Pompous” by Society’s elite, and Odette’s parents are desperate to see her married off to a respectable gentleman. When Adelaide first meets Odette, she is expecting a young lady who fits the pompous description. Instead, Adelaide discovers that Odette is far from conceited.”

Sarah Eden delivered another fantastic story that left me needing more of Mrs. Northrop. I’m hoping that was not the last we see of her. It was brilliant to have the story told from all three perspectives. I love how Mrs. Northrop was most concerned about discovering if the two were really in love and a good fit, it was a pleasant change from regency’s conniving matchmaking mothers. Loved this sweet clean romance.

“Anne Preston dreams of opening her own dessert shop some day and saves every spare penny she earns working at Gunter’s Tea Shop. When an American man orders an ice, Anne is immediately taken with Davis Whitledge, but he is far above her station in life. He doesn’t understand London ways, and his generosity has the potential to steal Anne’s dreams, or to make them soar.” 

Annette Lyon wrote a unique story for this time period. It’s not often we get stories about a working class independent girl and an American who doesn’t realize he’s making matters worse. Annette’s story held elements of fairy-tale dreams and a rich hero, but what I like most was how she dealt with not just differing stations, but the different cultures merging.
LITTLE LONDON by Heather B. Moore
“Ellen Humphreys has never had a Season, and will likely never do so while confined to watching over her ill mother. Therefore, Ellen creates her own Little London. When Quinn Edwards, Marquess of Kenworth, comes upon her quite by happenstance while Ellen is imagining herself in a London ballroom, she is mortified about her playacting. But a chain of events is set off from this one meeting that has Ellen questioning if her reputation would ever survive a Season or another encounter with the marquess.”

Heather Moore created in Ellen an adorably relate-able character. It was easy to get lost in her imagination. The first time Ellen and Quinn meet in her meadow is the essence of a meet cute. I loved how Heather tied the whole story up back in their Little London.

These three fantastic Authors combined their talents to put together a timeless clean regency that lets you escape back into a time not our own and vicariously enjoy falling in love.

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