Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence, Three Stars

Unfinished Fairy Tales

Confessions, my reviews are few and far between that of my other sisters. Why? Well that’s confession number two. I’m a series reader. We are different in our reading opinions in so many ways! I have been reading the series called “Unfinished Fairy Tales”. by Aya Ling. The first book The Ugly Stepsister was adorable!

The Ugly Stepsister (Unfinished Fairy Tales Book 1) by [Ling, Aya]

“Modern-day Kat is shy and bookish until an earth-shattering event forces her to come out of her shell. Cursed to remain in the world of Cinderella, the only way back home is to see Cinderella happily married to the prince. But everything seems to work against her favor. The other stepsister is drop-dead gorgeous and determined to be queen. The fairy godmother doesn’t seem to exist. To complicate things further, Kat’s unconventional behavior attracts the prince’s attention. Can she ever return to her own world?”

I loved her take of throwing a modern girl into a fairy tale era style of living with a prince and all! Kat responds in every possible way that I would have! My one struggle has been that Kat’s happily ever after came and then went, but there is more than one book so there is hope. I have started in on the second one and have enjoyed it so far though a couple of her phrasing’s have thrown me for a loop for example “you look different then I remember”, he shouldn’t be remembering anything because for him no time has passed. “Remembering” seems like an odd choice of word, but I digress. It’s been a cute story and I’m crossing my fingers for the eventual happily ever after for realz! –A.B.

1 thought on “Unfinished Fairy Tales”

  1. Hey sis, just a heads up the romance meter does go up through the second and third book. Due mostly to the fact that married couples are involved, it’s more a moderate/high rating. I like the modern girl twist on this classic and appreciate that the next two books aren’t more of the same fairy tale but just a continuation of Kat and Edwards story. I must agree though there seems to be an inordinate amount of hurdles through all three books for them to get to their Happily Ever After. I appreciated the politics in all three books, it showed that women can and should have a strong voice in politics, and that just one voice can make a difference. –N.C.


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