3 1/2 Stars, Low Language, Low Romance, Low Violence

Second Star to the Right

Confession: We did it! We met some big family goals this year. As a reward for meeting those goals we went to California and spent time at the beach, Legoland, and of course Disneyland!! I spent our 13 hour drive to Cali reading, Lost Girl, by Chanda Hahn. It was fitting since Lost Girl is a modern day twist on Disney’s Peter Pan, that we rode the Peter Pan ride when we got to Disneyland.

“Wendy doesn’t remember anything about Neverland—or the experiments done on her there as a child. Seven years later, all she wants is a normal life, but shape-shifting shadows plague her dreams and turn her life into a waking nightmare. When the shadows attack at a football game and a boy disappears right in front of her, she realizes these wraith-like shadows are real. They’re not just haunting—they’re hunting.

A mysterious boy named Peter, his foul-mouthed sidekick, and a band of misfit boys intervene before Wendy faces a similar fate. But can they trust Wendy enough to take her to Neverwood Academy and reveal all of their hidden secrets when she’s hiding a secret of her own, or will the dreaded Red Skulls find her and drag her back to Neverland?”

I loved discovering how she made each character from the original Peter pan fit into this modern day telling. Chanda did a great job of keeping the characters true to form.
Tink was by far my favorite. The way Chanda works in the ringing that goes with Tink is clever and entertaining. Tink kind of steals the book, kind of like she does in the movie. You don’t see Wendy walking around Disneyland, but you see Tinkerbell. Let me back track, Wendy isn’t boring. The book is told through her and Peters eye’s after all and she’s a compelling character. Admittedly I liked both she and Peter as characters, I’m just a huge fan of the snarky sidekick.
I like books that keep me guessing, and I enjoy books that are a modern day -retelling of old fairy tales. I like the mystery of wondering how the Author is going to fit in each character, and theme.
There are some fun twists in the book near the end, some you knew were coming, and one I didn’t particularly love. I forgot while reading it that it was a series. I’m not the biggest fan of series. I’m more of a one and done reader. The way this book ends was a little disappointing to me and not just because I realized it was a series. Not sure I love the direction it is going to go, but of course there are still questions I need answered and mysteries to solve so I’ll definitely read the next book in the Neverland Chronicles. Lost Boy just barely came out last week and I’m hoping to love where she takes the series next.    –M.V.

1 thought on “Second Star to the Right”

  1. This was an exciting twist to the Peter Pan story. I feel like so many other fairy tales are redone over and over, but you don’t see a modern Peter Pan very often which made me like this book even more. It was unique and creatively done. I agree with how awesome it was for her to pull in the different little details of the story with the thimble and the shadows and the bell. I’m really excited to read The Lost Boy!


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