Five Stars, Low Language, Low Romance, Moderate Violence, Sarah M. Eden

Nuggets of Wisdom

Confession, I love to write. I find it so cathartic to pull out my thoughts and feelings and put them to a page. However sometimes it ends up sounding more like word vomit than a clear and concise extension of my thoughts. Because I got a college education, writing was a byproduct of all my classes. Other than gen ed stuff however my formal education never went in the direction of focusing on honing those particular skills. I’m happy with where I am right now and am content with my life focusing on the success and smiles of my three little ones.

Which is why I love good authors. I love to take little nuggets of wisdom from writers I admire and think, huh that’s how you do that, maybe someday I’ll learn how to replicate that. For now I’m content to learn from them, so without further ado, the little gems of knowledge I gained from Sarah M. Eden via For Love or Honor.

  1. A good writer knows how to get you invested in their characters past, present and future. (Seriously were you not just aching for Stanley’s past, present and future through this whole book!)
  2. A good writer knows the power of comedic timing. (Philip and Mariposa were again useful to relieve the tension of an otherwise harder topics, but Puck! – such an awesome character and so well written, perfect blend of tack and humor)
  3. A good writer knows how to write about heavy important topics without leaving you feeling depressed or empty. (did this book make me cry? yes, yes it did. But it also filled me with hope and awe.)
  4. A good writer can intertwine her books so that instead of being a one time adventure you’re engaged in, they become a whole world in your imagination that continues to ebb and flow through the whole series. (Who else is absolutely dying of anticipation for Holy Harry’s story, I can’t wait to get inside his head. And I loved how she brought Sorrel and Philip into this book more. And the scene with Caroline is what pushed the water works.)
  5. A good writer engages all your emotions. (Yes I’m fully aware that these are fictional characters, but I have family in the armed forces that I worry about. I have family that struggle with infertility. I have nieces and nephews that love big. I am invested in these characters because their feelings and emotions are as raw as mine have been.)

For Love or Honor was all of these things and more. A beautiful story of the heartache of war and the hope and love that can heal it.  –N.C.

“From the moment they met, Marjie’s heart has belonged to handsome Captain Stanley Jonquil, younger brother of the Earl of Lampton. But six long months ago, when Stanley’s sense of honor required that he do as he had sworn and return to the Continent to fight in defense of King and country, neither Stanley nor Marjie could have dreamed what the cost of his service would be.

It has been ages since Stanley last wrote, and Marjie and the Jonquil family are plagued by his unknown fate—until the day he unexpectedly reappears. Marjie’s joy, however, is quickly shadowed by confusion—the aloof, battle-worn soldier before her is not the man he once was.”

*No obvious religious themes

**The violence rating is due to the brief but necessary descriptions of war and injury though I’d probably put it closer to low than moderate

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