Four Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence

A Good Cry

Confession I don’t like to cry. Who does right? But still I do, cry, a lot. Especially from books and movies. Steel Magnolias… cried for 30 mins after the movie ended. Then cried again while talking about it with my friends. I can remember reading a book in my room and having one of my siblings walk in to see me sobbing on my bed. Obviously thinking something horrible had happened, when it was just the fact that I was reading book 6 in “The Work and the Glory” series. One word…Olivia, gets me every time. I get so emotionally invested in anything I watch or read. I have a hard time separating myself. I feel like it’s all happening to me. So if I know a book or movie will make me cry I put it off. Or scary, I avoid those like the plague.
I thought this book was a new book that I hadn’t read before. I was a few chapters in before I knew that I had read it before (and cried). I went on a hunt to find the original. This book was originally published under the name Rachel Ann Nunes. I credit Rachel for getting me hooked on reading. I received her book Arianna (another book I sobbed in) for Christmas when I was a teenager, and fell in love with books. Rachel also writes under the pen name Rachel Branton and republished what was originally “Flying Home” under this pen name as Take me Home.
Take Me Home (Finding Home Book 1) by [Branton, Rachel]
“Liana Winn has always felt like an outsider in her family. As a child she was adopted by relatives after her parents’ plane accident in India, but now that she is as an adult, her disjointed memories—and nightmares—of the past continue to make it impossible for her to bridge the wide gulf she still feels with her adoptive family. She is plagued by questions about her parents’ deaths and wonders if that event is the reason for her inability to form deep personal relationships. 

When Liana meets successful businessman, Austin Walker, who has risen above his own difficult childhood on a Wyoming farm, she’s certain their business will not extend to friendship. Yet she cannot deny their powerful connection and the feeling of hope he offers.But the ghosts of the past will not rest for Liana, and while searching for answers, she makes a shocking discovery that just might mean the end of everything she’s ever believed.”

I really enjoyed this book. If I remember right I enjoyed the second book in the series even more, I haven’t re read it yet, but I will. One of the things I like about this book is how it felt like real life. A book that is just as hard and trial strewn as life, not a story where everything is happy and falls into place. I loved seeing the relationship the main character had with her family change and grow. Especially with her mother. There is a twist in the book that’s fun. I wish I could remember my initial response to the twist. Did I know it was coming? Was I shocked?
There is also a story line in the book that could have made it into miraculous fairy tale. Rachel however, didn’t go that way, and I’m really glad she didn’t. It would have lessened the real life feel of it. Not that miracles don’t happen. They do, but for some reason it would have changed my feelings for the book. I of course loved that in the end there is happiness for the couple, love is worth it even through the heartache and sorrows of life. I really liked re reading this book. –M.V.


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