Five Stars, Low Language, Low Violence, Moderate Romance, Rebecca Connolly

For Better, For Worse

I have a confession, 10 years later and I’m still blissfully in love with my husband. That does not mean however that every day is sunshine and roses. Marriage is hard, but has given me feelings of security and completeness that I’ve never found before.

A Wager Worth Making by Rebecca Connolly is book 7 in the Arrangements series. I love series’ that are written like this. You can read them as stand alones and love them. But if you’ve been lucky enough to read the previous books in the series you have an added dimension to the side characters and an already established connection to the main characters due to their brief appearances in previous books.

A Wager Worth Making (Arrangements, Book 7) by [Connolly, Rebecca]

“Everyone knows that Gemma Templeton is a wonderful, cheerful, friendly young woman who is well worth one’s acquaintance. She is vibrant and warm, and plays the violin with exquisite talent. The only thing she lacks is a husband, and time is growing short for her in that regard. What everyone does not know is that a certain man of a less warm reputation is very much interested in changing Gemma’s unmarried state, and he doesn’t care what anybody says. Lucas Sinclair, Lord Blackmoor, is a dark mark upon the face of Society, and his unexpected interest in Gemma leaves many to wonder if his motives don’t hide some sinister purpose.”

This book is a little higher on the romance meter than some of her others because the main couple are married only a quarter of the way into the novel, don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything for you ;).

The author writes their on again off again love life in a beautifully sweet and clean way. Though there is passion and attraction, as there should be in a marriage. Those feeling are the side show to the main stage act of love and devotion.

There are too many venues today that paint marriage in a less than flattering light, and while I’ve already agreed that marriage is hard, it’s also beautiful and joyful. Marriage should be teasing smiles and throw your head back laughter. Marriage should be selfless, but more. An aching desire to see that the other person’s needs are met before your own. Marriage should be about leaning on each other, sharing the load and depending on each other, even when hard times come. Marriage should be a partnership of sharing and trusting; even with our darkest moments and loving each other regardless. Marriage should be never giving up on a person, even when you’re hurting. This is what marriage is, and this is how Rebecca Connolly artfully portrays it. I loved this book for that reason, a masterful example of what true love is after The Happily Ever After. –N.C.

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