Four Stars, Low Language, Low Religion, Low Romance, Low Violence

Sometimes a little fluff is exactly what you need.

Confession… sometimes life is hard, really hard. I just want to escape into a book that will make me laugh and not really even think. I call these my fluff books. Some days that’s exactly what you need. Before the Clock Strikes Thirty by Aubrey Mace is the perfect fluff book.Before the Clock Strikes Thirty by [Mace, Aubrey]

“With wedding festivities swirling around her, the bride’s fortune-telling aunt transfixes young Shannon Fielding. The gypsy woman foresees love in the girl’s future: before her thirtieth year, Shannon will meet the man of her dreams at a wedding. The promise of romance is absolutely thrilling—it’s almost enough to compensate for the groom’s annoying younger brother . . . Nathan. When years later Nathan steps back into Shannon’s life, she is forced to reconcile her memory of the obnoxious boy he once was with the endearing man he’s become. Nathan quickly becomes the best friend a girl could ask for—but when their friendship threatens to develop into something more, can Shannon give up the idea of the mysterious soul mate she’s sought for so long?”

I mean no offense by saying its a fluff book. Aubrey manages to write a fun light book, but still give her characters depth. The book is written in the first person and the author has Shannon do a lot of head talking, these are some of the best parts of the book. Her introspecting is where a lot of the humor lies. This was a fast read that gave me a few hours of escapism to laugh and enjoy someone else fumbling their way through life.  It left me wanting her to write stories on two other people in the book. And guess what, she did. You can find Rachel and Henry’s story in Love on a Whim. I would give this 4 stars. –M.V.

1 thought on “Sometimes a little fluff is exactly what you need.”

  1. Hey sis, I have a confession. I’ve always wished I could sing like you! When Shannon thinks to herself, “I secretly imagined myself being discovered someday. Everyone I knew would be amazed and say, wow, I had no idea you could sing like that.” I totally related, cause I can’t really sing either, but I totally wish I could! The head talking is probably my favorite thing about this book and “Love on a Whim”. There were a few things I struggled with in both books. I felt like there were a few minor plot points left unresolved and a couple minor story arcs that jumped with out sufficient explanation. I agree however, that everyone needs a couple fluff books in their library and these are good go to books for that purpose. –N.C.


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