Four Stars, Low Language, Low Violence, Moderate Romance, Rebecca Connolly

Secrets of a Spinster – A Memoir ( but not really;) )

I have a hard confession. I grew up desperately, painfully, shy. I didn’t talk to anyone that wasn’t close friends or family, I didn’t look people in the eye, especially not boys. So you could say that I felt a kind of kinship with Mary Hamilton. I think all of us, introvert, extrovert, loud, quiet; want to be loved for who we are not who we appear to be. That is the beauty of the book “Secrets of a Spinster” by Rebecca Connolly.


“Mary Hamilton has had enough of being passed over by all of the eligible men in London, though she’s had years and years of practice, and she’s ready to give it up. But before she hangs up her dancing shoes for good, she wants one season of everything she’s never had.

Geoffrey Harris is more than happy to spend his time being permanent escort to Mary during her final season in London. After all, she’s been his best friend for years, and what better way to send her off than in grand style? But when her plan actually starts to work, he isn’t so sure he wants any part of it.”

I love the relationship between Mary and Geoffrey, and appreciated that the writer wrote in multiple third person point of view so we could get in both of their heads.

Geoff loves Mary “just as [she] is, just as [she] always has been”, and has always seen the goodness and beauty in her, even if no one else could. The author did a beautiful job of portraying that especially at the Masquerade Ball, a well written turning point in the book.

I have another confession, I love Halloween! (50 days and counting.) One of the reason is because you can be whatever or whoever you want to be, sometimes that can be extremely liberating. But one of the interesting plots points in this book, is pretending can also be dangerous. Especially if we start to blur the lines between who we are, and who we are pretending to be. I think all of us have a little Mary in us and a little Cassie in us. Often it’s the ones who love us as we are that can pull the best parts of us out, making us feel comfortable and loved as we are. I was lucky enough to meet people who did that for me, and found I’m not necessarily an introvert, I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.

Because I connected with the main character and found the relationships in the book compelling (Mary & Geoff’s, and Mary & Cassie’s). I’d give it Four Stars. –N.C.

PS- Secrets of a Spinster is 3rd in a 6 book series, I don’t feel like you need to read them in order, but there are minor plot points you may miss. The first in the series is “An Arrangement of Sorts”


*No religious content or themes

3 thoughts on “Secrets of a Spinster – A Memoir ( but not really;) )”

  1. Ok, lets have an honest confession from you. The reason you liked this book so much is because the sisters reminded you of you and I. You are the level headed sister who puts up with her younger slightly dramatic and emotional sister.
    Having sisters that I love so much made me appreciate the sisters relationship in this book. They loved each other and were there for each other, even when slightly annoyed with each other.
    The Relationship between Mary and Geoff had me laughing at times, cringing at times, and by the end sighing.( the door breaking scene. Sigh)
    In this book the author perfectly portrays how society can change a person. I liked that she didn’t sugar coat it. She showed how a level headed person can be so affected by trying to play a part that it can have the power to truly change them.
    My one complaint about this book is that it seemed long. It maybe dragged in certain parts. All in all I liked it, but it receives 4 stars from me.

    Favorite line was from Colin. “Well that’s uncomfortable. He looks like that and he still has all his faculties. ” Made me laugh out loud and I love to laugh. –M.V.


  2. Confession dear sister, romances can be bad for my marriage!!! I just so happen to be madly in love with a man who is not romantic at all. I can get a bit jealous of the damsel who is swept of her feet. Which is why I enjoyed this book, though at first it was slow and took me a bit to get into I appreciated the way Geoff seemed less than romantic. Don’t get me wrong the end is probably the sweetest bit of love and romance I have read in a while but it was more relatable to me as to the way my own love can behave. And then of course that epilogue really got to me I’ll confess it made me cry due to my own current circumstances. But it definitely was a good read for me! -AB


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