Confession’s Ratings O’meter

When we review a book you can expect a couple different ratings. We’ll have our normal five star rating that will tell you whether or not we liked the book personally.

(Confession: Our first review tomorrow is a five star book, which is saying something we don’t just throw around five stars for the fun of it.) 

We will also give you our Confession’s Ratings O’meter, then you can decide for yourself if the book is for you. We will give a low, moderate, high, or off the meter rating for the following categories:

Romance, Language, Violence, and Religion.

Our meters will be determined as follows:

Low– mild kissing, nothing explicit, kissing focuses on emotion not physical descriptions
Moderate– moderate innuendos, passionate kissing.
High—More detailed descriptions of kissing or touching. Any foreplay or lovemaking is alluded to with no details, and is behind closed doors. (confession – these are not our favorite if they become too steamy and more about physical attraction and less about romance and emotion we might not finish the book)
Off the meter – sex scenes or descriptive foreplay (confession – we won’t finish reading a book that we feel is off the romance meter)

Low—none to very few mild swear words
Moderate—more often, but mild swearing
High–extreme swearing, with variety, and offensive (confession- we can’t get into or be impressed by a book that can’t be creative enough to use anything but expletives)

Low–none to very little
Moderate—violence that may be detailed but not graphic
High—violence is a major plot point and is detailed and graphic

Off the meter – no religious themes or tendencies (confession: this isn’t a bad thing)
Low—Characters are religious, but there are few to no religious elements
Moderate—Religious themes, characters and elements
High—The characters are religious, the theme of the book is religious and borders on being overly preachy. (confession – as far as fiction goes these are not our favorite. If we want to be preached at we’d rather consciously choose a non-fiction book focused on a specific religious topic and go in expecting to be taught)

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